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Synodality and

Monday, June 28th

7:00-8:30pm CT

This presentation will explore synodality in the Catholic church, and what it means practically in terms of both processes and decision-making. As the theme of the 2022 World Synod of Bishops, Synodality is a persistent theme of Pope Francis in imagining a Church of participation and co-responsibility. But what are the practical implications? What is the actual responsibility and power of the parish council? The parish finance council? The Diocesan synod process and responses? The primary reference for the presentation will be "Synodality in the Life and Mission of the Church" issued by the International Theological Commission (2018). Presented by Dr. Mary Carter Waren. 

Right now when community seems distant, come connect your faith with others, with the local Church, and with the challenges of this moment. Together we will ask and tackle tough questions, knowing none of us have the perfect answer. Leave inspired and empowered to live your faith in answer to these challenges rather than in spite of them.

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